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Thank you for choosing Wallaceburg Bookbinding to bind your thesis!

Below are instructions for preparing and sending thesis to Wallaceburg Bookbinding. If you have questions after reviewing the information below, please feel free to contact us. View a printable pdf file of this information HERE.

1. A photocopy of the title page is required.

This is in addition to the original title page being bound in the book. If there are multiple copies of the same thesis, only 1 photocopy is required. The photocopy is used as the binding ticket and provides the necessary information for the printing department.

2. Material

Write down on the title page photocopy, the material colour number for the cover. See the colour chart for available material colours.

3. Print Colours

Write down on the title page photocopy, the desired print colour for the hot foil letter embossing. Available print colours are: gold, white, black

4. Degree

Write down on the title page photocopy, the exact degree abbreviation to be embossed.

i.e. M. Math. for Master of Mathematics

Note: Only the abbreviation is embossed on the cover

5. Year

Write down on the title page photocopy, the year that is to be embossed on the cover.

6. Copies

If more than one copy, write down the number of copies on the title page photocopy.

7. Information Embossed on the Cover

Unless a custom print template is on file at the bindery for your Graduate Studies Department, the following standard thesis template will be used:

Spine Front cover
Author’s Full Name Title
Degree “By” Author’s Full Name
Year Year

Note: The title will be embossed on the front cover (not on the spine) and positioned using a standard template. Custom layouts incur an additional fee. The title information will be obtained from the thesis title page. Wallaceburg Bookbinding strives to put as much title information on the front cover as possible and will try to accommodate special symbols and formulas. However, we cannot guarantee a complete match of all title information. Font selection is not available. The font used is a plain type San Serif.