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Rebind Your Curriculum Books for Longevity and Resale Value

Textbooks falling apart… can look like new again and be fully functional

In fact they will be better quality than when first manufactured.

Three A+ Reasons for Rebinding Your Books

1. Superior Service

Wallaceburg Bookbinding has been serving libraries for over 50 years and is happy to provide services to the home schooling community. Unlike textbook publishers, our sole purpose is to produce an attractive, durable binding. We understand the importance of book resources in education. For the investment that is made in textbooks, they should be functional for years to come. At WBM we will increase the life of your curriculum books and their resale value.

2. Superior Quality

At Wallaceburg Bookbinding, your books receive North America’s BEST Class “A” Library Binding. This binding is designed to be tough: standing up to the daily rigors of student life. The cover material is cloth based and WILL NOT tear like paper based covers.

3. Superior Value

All of this quality and service comes at a Budget-friendly price. Rebinding can be done for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new, plus you end up with a better quality book.

Services Available Year Round

Textbooks can be sent for rebinding any time during the year. You can send the books in to best coincide with your home school schedule.

What To Do When You Need To Rebind Books

  1. Gather up your books.
  2. Print the Textbook Form Home Educator USA or Textbook Form Home Educator Canada for details on pricing, preparing your binding order and shipping.

If you have any questions, contact us at helpdesk or call 1-800-214-2463.