Textbook Binding Guide for Schools

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Textbooks are rebound at Wallaceburg Bookbinding all year round, not just in the summer. Whenever you can be without your textbooks, between semesters, during spring break or summer, contact helpdesk to arrange for the binding of your textbooks.

We look forward to being of service to you. If you have any questions please contact us at helpdesk or call 1-800-214-2463. View a printable pdf file of this information HERE.

1. Getting Started

Gather up the textbooks in need of rebinding.

2. Complete the Textbook Rebinding List

  1. If you require separate invoices for departments, library or each school, complete a Rebinding List for each order to be invoiced separately.
  2. Place Textbook Rebinding List in box one of each order.

If we do not receive the Textbook Rebinding List, Wallaceburg Bookbinding cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies
Please ensure that the contact person on the Textbook Rebinding List can be reached during the summer.

3. Packing

  1. We do not require that our own boxes be used for packing, however we do require that all work be boxed up prior to pickup. Use sturdy boxes. The boxes that paper comes in, seems to work well. Gather them up weeks prior to sending your shipment. If you need boxes, we are able to supply them for a nominal cost.
  2. Do not put over 45lbs in one box
  3. Label each box “FOR PICKUP BY WBM”
  4. Label each box with the school name (and department if applicable)
  5. Label boxes 1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc……
  6. If boxes are being picked up by a carrier other than Wallaceburg Bookbinding, make sure boxes are sealed up well. Don’t be shy to use the packing tape. Keep in mind these boxes are handled hard by common carriers.

4. Contact the bindery

  1. Call 1-800-214-2463 or email helpdesk@wbmbindery.com
  2. If on our delivery route and more than 15 items, there is no charge for pickup & delivery
  3. If you are not located on our delivery route, you will be given shipping instructions when you contact the bindery.

5. Items to note for textbooks

  1. Textbooks are hardcover bound using buckram.
  2. Colours are matched for each title set. Colors are not customer selectable.
  3. The title is printed on the spine.
  4. There is a minimum of 10 textbooks per title, otherwise they are processed and charged as library books.
  5. It is the schools responsibility to verify pages are not folded prior to sending for binding
  6. Textbooks rejected for binding, will be returned